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Jazz & Dine

Jazz & Dine – Bossa

Foto Musiker Bossa Bossa
Sun­day , 28.07.19, 06:00 pm

From Bossa Nova’s pearls to jazz clas­sics, to styl­ish hits from pop music.
Both have com­pleted stud­ies in jazz and pop music in Mainz and have been per­form­ing together for four years.

Jens Mack­en­thun – gui­tarist /​ diploma music teacher
Katja Aujesky – singer /​ com­poser (The Voice of Ger­many)

35,00 € p.P. for music and buf­fet, exclud­ing drinks

Jazz & Dine – NID DE POULE

Foto Jazzband
Sun­day 15.09.19, 06:00 pm.

Inspired by the atmos­phere of the jazz clubs of the left bank of the Seine in Paris in the thir­ties, NID DE POULE plays French music in the “Gypsy‘N‘Roll” style.

Music that clev­erly trans­ports French art and spans a wide range from deep melan­choly to spon­ta­neous joie de vivre. What began as an exper­i­ment turned out to be a recipe for suc­cess: a lot of chan­son in the gypsy-​​swing style, all spiced up with a wink and fla­vored with a dash of rock ‘n roll – an excit­ing and appeal­ing mix for the audi­ence as well as for the musi­cians, their poten­tial here to fully exploit.

Bille Klingspor – vocals
Frank Zinkant – Gui­tar
Gerd Rentschler – Gui­tar
Jür­gen Dorn – dou­ble bass

35,00 € p.P. for music and buf­fet, exclud­ing drinks

(Photo by Sören Funk)

Jazz & Dine – We´re break­ing ranks: with Simon Kemp­ston & Rob­bie Greig

Musiker Kempston Greig Jazz & Dine
Sun­day, 01.12.19, 06:00 pm

Two unique tal­ents com­bine as one act and arrive in Mainz to per­form thought-​​provoking, evoca­tive, orig­i­nal songs in a won­der­fully inti­mate set­ting. Simon Kempston’s beau­ti­fully crafted folk-​​tinged mate­r­ial show­cases his incred­i­ble, dis­tinc­tive and intri­cate fin­ger­style gui­tar work – an excit­ing blend of the folk-​​baroque, blues and clas­si­cal styles, and his gen­tly nuanced, com­pelling tenor vocals. An inspir­ing, poetic lyri­cist, Simon’s live per­for­mances are intense and impas­sioned, the sub­ject mat­ter chiefly Scot­tish, yet with uni­ver­sal appeal. This spe­cial first-​​time Mainz con­cert in con­junc­tion with lead­ing Scot­tish fid­dle player, 2017 Niel Gow Inter­na­tional Fid­dle Award Win­ner & BBC Young Trad Musi­cian Final­ist of the year Rob­bie Greig is not to be missed. ‘One of Scotland’s very best singer-​​songwriters’ (Sun­day Her­ald). ‘Stun­ning tal­ent’ (STV).

Beau­ti­ful tunes, infi­nitely tal­ented’ (BBC Radio 3).


35,00 € p.P. for music and buf­fet, exclud­ing drinks

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