Traditional Massage

Traditional massage, also known as Swedish massage, is several millennia old. Its health-promoting effects are so special and so effective that those who chose this treatment leave feeling relaxed and mellow. Many report that they not only feel less pain and tension, and generally feel better, but that they are better able to cope with daily stress.


Back- or partly massageFull body massage

Precious stone full body massage

Hot stone full body massage

Hot stone back massage

Back massage “Breuss”

Lomi-Lomi body massage

Foot reflexology massage with a footbath

35 min60 min

75 min

60 min

40 min

45 min

90 min

60 min

ab  30 Euroab  40 Euro

ab  80 Euro

ab  65 Euro

ab  45 Euro

ab  50 Euro

ab  110 Euro

ab  60 Euro