Foto Dehoga Top Ausbildungsbetrieb mit Inhaber Dr. Lothar Becker, Direktor Lutz Frey, Personalerin Hannah Manz, Azubine Frau Steenbock und Dehoga RLP Präsident Herrn Haumann

Awards & Certifications

Lothar Becker, Pro­pri­etor

Hote­lier of the year 2018

Der große Restau­rant & Hotel Guide 2018”, col­lo­qui­ally also called “Ber­tels­mann Guide”, has our owner Dr. Ing. Lothar Becker recently named “Hote­lier of the Year 2018”.

Attrac­tive employer Rhineland-​​Palatinate

Our owner Dr. Lothar Becker is awarded from the min­istry of econ­omy Rhineland-​​Palatinate with the cer­ti­fi­ca­tion “Attrak­tiver Arbeit­ge­ber Rhein­land Pfalz “. With his hotel, he is among the eight excel­lent com­pa­nies in Rhineland– Palati­nate.
“The lack of qual­i­fied per­son­nel in the hotel indus­try is reflected in the atrium with flex­i­ble work­ing time mod­els – also for exec­u­tives – and a large num­ber of fur­ther train­ing mea­sures.” (Quote Mrs. State Sec­re­tary Daniela Schmitt)

State Award for exem­plary employ­ment of severely dis­abled peo­ple

Every year since 1998, the state of Rhineland-​​Palatinate has pre­sented awards to com­pa­nies, busi­nesses and depart­ments that have made an exem­plary con­tri­bu­tion to the inte­gra­tion of severely dis­abled peo­ple into work­ing life. Com­pa­nies from all eco­nomic sec­tors with their head­quar­ters in Rhineland-​​Palatinate can apply or be nom­i­nated.
We were hon­ored to receive this award in the cat­e­gory “Com­pany with up to 100 employ­ees” for the year 2021.
The sig­nif­i­cance of this great, spe­cial honor is summed up by our owner, Dr. Lothar Becker: “We are pleased and proud of this award. But it is even nicer to see every day how enrich­ing it is to work with peo­ple with a hand­i­cap. Their com­mit­ment and the trust they place in us are an asset that none of us would want to miss.”

“Rhein-​​Main geht aus!” — Rank 1 and 2 for our Restau­rant “Genuss­Werk­statt”

The restau­rant guide “Rhein-​​Main geht aus!” is eagerly awaited year after year. The restau­rant testers have been trav­el­ing the entire Rhine-​​Main area for the 15th time – the result is a real plea­sure at the Atrium Hotel Mainz. The restau­rant Genuss­Werk­statt imme­di­ately came first in Mainz-​​Wiesbaden, and even more, because among the restau­rants in the entire Rhine-​​Main area, the testers awarded sec­ond place to the new Genuss­Werk­statt” (hoga press)

IHK “excel­lent edu­ca­tion”

The IHK Rhein­hessen has awarded us as “Excel­lent edu­ca­tion com­pany”.
The award is given to com­pa­nies that are com­mit­ted to train­ing young employ­ees beyond the nor­mal range.
And that is pre­cisely what makes us proud and extremely happy

Fair Job Hotels

As the first hotel in Rhineland-​​Palatinate, we were cer­ti­fied as a fair job hotel in Feb­ru­ary 2017.
Fair Job Hotels stand for fair jobs, attrac­tive per­spec­tives for branch growth and a bet­ter image of the hotel indus­try.
As a cer­ti­fied hotel we have the “FAIR­sprechen” as well as the “10 Gebote” anchored in our com­pany.

Cer­tifi­cate for Excel­lence in Voca­tional Train­ing

Our trainees and our medi­a­tion of know-​​how and exper­tise were cer­ti­fied as well.

DEHOGA Envi­ron­men­tal Check

The “DEHOGA Envi­ron­men­tal Check” was designed for the spe­cific require­ments of the hos­pi­tal­ity indus­try and its pre­dom­i­nantly small and medium-​​sized enter­prises. It is based on the eval­u­a­tion of selected envi­ron­men­tal indi­ca­tors. The cri­te­ria cat­a­log cov­ers the fol­low­ing areas: energy con­sump­tion, water con­sump­tion, waste gen­er­a­tion
and food (e.g., regional, fair trade, organic).

DEHOGA Top-​​Ausbildungsbetrieb

With the “TOP-​​Ausbildungsbetrieb” ini­tia­tive, DEHOGA has for the first time cre­ated a uni­form nation­wide cer­ti­fi­ca­tion for a high stan­dard of train­ing – and both appli­cants and com­pa­nies in the hotel and cater­ing indus­try ben­e­fit from this.
The par­tic­i­pat­ing com­pa­nies under­take to com­ply with 12 guid­ing prin­ci­ples and to live them in their oper­a­tional prac­tice.
This is spec­i­fied by the mea­sures in the enter­prise (enter­prise ques­tion­ing) to the respec­tive guid­ing prin­ci­ples and eval­u­ated by a point sys­tem.
The most impor­tant core ele­ment and pre­req­ui­site for the seal is the involve­ment of and sur­vey of trainees on the mea­sures in the com­pany (depend­ing on the num­ber of trainees).
Source: www​.topaus​bil​dung​.de

Trans­lated with www​.DeepL​.com/​T​r​a​n​s​lator (free ver­sion)

Cer­ti­fied Con­fer­ence Hotel

In the first place, this cer­tifi­cate defines in its 67 manda­tory cri­te­ria things in regard to the qual­ity of ser­vices and processes which have to be pro­vided by a con­fer­ence hotel nowa­days. Core of the cer­tifi­cate and the cri­te­ria are, amongst oth­ers, the per­for­mance in ser­vice, struc­tural design con­di­tions, food & bev­er­age per­for­mance, and the stan­dard­ized quo­ta­tion pro­cess­ing. Event orga­niz­ers have plan­ning reli­a­bil­ity and can be sure that all needs and require­ments of their guests will be ful­filled.
The qual­ity checks for Cer­ti­fied Con­fer­ence Hotel were com­pleted with out­stand­ing results – mak­ing us the first hotel in years to meet all cri­te­ria with no need for sub­se­quent improve­ments.

GUSTO — restau­rant guide

The renowned restau­rant guide “GUSTO” rec­om­mends our “Genuss­Werk­statt”.
“Restau­rants rec­om­mended in the GUSTO guide are vis­ited anony­mously by expe­ri­enced testers and with­out prior con­sul­ta­tion as pay­ing guests. Our test­ing staff have all gath­ered in-​​depth tech­ni­cal back­ground knowl­edge and a lot of expe­ri­ence with top gas­tron­omy at home and abroad […] ” (https://​www​.gusto​-online​.de/​b​e​w​e​r​t​ungen)

Cer­ti­fied Busi­ness Hotel

50 indi­vid­ual cri­te­ria have to be passed to receive and pre­serve this cer­tifi­cate. It is a reli­able selec­tive cri­te­rion for the book­ing of a hotel that is suit­able for busi­ness guests. Busi­ness can­vassers who are used to high stan­dards can rely on mod­ern core per­for­mances as well as a pleas­ant and atten­tive ser­vice.

Cer­ti­fied Green Hotel

In 70 indi­vid­ual cri­te­ria, this cer­tifi­cate defines how sus­tain­ing and eco­log­i­cally future-​​oriented a hotel is being man­aged. In eight cat­e­gories: energy, water, waste, food & bev­er­age, mobil­ity, infor­ma­tion, and man­age­ment, the hotel meets the chal­lenges of the future. Most of the cri­te­ria can be observed by the guest him or her­self.

Eco Friendly

Sus­tain­abil­ity is becom­ing increas­ingly impor­tant in the lives of every indi­vid­ual. So that trav­el­ers do not have to forego a sus­tain­able way of life on hol­i­day, green hotels are increas­ingly focus­ing on the envi­ron­men­tal aspect, whether in social, eco­nomic or envi­ron­men­tal terms. HOTEL DE has selected accom­mo­da­tions for your trip that com­ply with the prin­ci­ples of sus­tain­abil­ity.” (Hotel​.de)

Cer­ti­fied Ser­viced Apart­ment

What Cer­ti­fied Busi­ness Hotel is for busi­ness can­vassers, the new seal “Cer­ti­fied Ser­viced Apart­ment ®” is for those, who live and work in a dif­fer­ent city for weeks or even months. The list of cri­te­ria is based on the cer­ti­fi­ca­tion sys­tem of Apart­mentser­vice by Board­ing­house Con­sult­ing and TÜV (Con­trol Board) Rhineland, exist­ing since 2005. In addi­tion, we try to imple­ment the valu­able ideas and sug­ges­tions of VDR-​​members, who are inte­grated in our sys­tem. Con­cern­ing our new seal of approval, we act upon our maxim: It is a gen­uine cus­tomer cer­tifi­cate that is always focused on the needs of the user.

Green Chefs

We are com­mit­ted to fair­ness and take respon­si­bil­ity in the gas­tron­omy. We are happy to be a part of the “Green Chefs” and com­mit our­selves:
• Respect­ful use of food. GREEN CHEFS exploit every­one food as much as pos­si­ble and avoid waste from the begin­ning.
• to regional pur­chas­ing. With their pur­chase, GREEN CHEFS sup­port regional spe­cial fea­tures, bio­di­ver­sity, short trans­port routes and domes­tic pro­duc­ers.
• to envi­ron­men­tal aware­ness. GREEN CHEFS pay atten­tion to their actions with their actions to min­i­mize the impact on the envi­ron­ment. They make for a low CO2 emis­sions, short trans­port routes, low energy con­sump­tion and low waste.
• on fair work­ing con­di­tions. That is the basis for a good team and great food. A solid income, tol­er­a­ble work­ing hours and the respect­ful deal­ings in sound and action are for GREEN CHEFS of course.

Top 250 Conference-​​Hotels in Ger­many

If you want to meet styl­ishly and indi­vid­u­ally, do not miss this hotel on the out­skirts of Mainz.” The Atrium Hotel was ranked 12th among the 250 best con­fer­ence hotels in Ger­many in 2016/​2017.

Germany’s cus­tomer cham­pi­ons

Since May 2018, we have been ranked “Germany’s Cus­tomer Cham­pi­ons 2018”. With our voteing-​​result (62% fan rat­ing) we are in first place in the cat­e­gory “B2B – Com­pa­nies 50 – 499 employ­ees”.
The cer­ti­fi­ca­tion is granted by the Mainz mar­ket research and con­sult­ing firm 2HMforum., The F.A.Z.-Institut and the Ger­man Soci­ety for Qual­ity (DGQ).
Around 200 com­pa­nies nation­wide and from all sec­tors took part in the com­pe­ti­tion in order to have the qual­ity of their cus­tomer rela­tion­ships checked by sci­en­tif­i­cally founded stud­ies.

Customer-​​oriented com­pany– Ger­man ser­vice qual­ity level II

The Atrium Hotel Mainz has com­mit­ted itself to ser­vice qual­ity to a very high degree. In order to opti­mize inter­nal processes effec­tively and with sus­tain­abil­ity, com­pa­nies con­sis­tently ana­lyze their ser­vices from a cus­tomer point of view with train­ing– and cer­tifi­cate pro­grams.

Germany’s best con­fer­ence hotels

The award “Germany’s best con­fer­ence hotels” was car­ried out in coop­er­a­tion with “Deutscher Fachver­lag” and “tp tagungs­planer”. From a total of 2000 hotels sur­veyed, 271 houses were awarded. In the cat­e­gory “Hotels 100 – 200 rooms” we occupy the first place.
To assess the best con­fer­ence hotels in Ger­many, five aspects are con­sid­ered. Four of these aspects reflect the course of a con­fer­ence visit: arrival at the con­fer­ence hotel, the con­fer­ence area, the gas­tro­nomic offer and, if nec­es­sary, the overnight stay at the hotel. In addi­tion, the aspect of sus­tain­abil­ity is taken into account as an indi­ca­tion of the future ori­en­ta­tion of the hotels.

KodexGuide​.de — Rec­om­mended Loca­tion

We were rated by KodexGuide​.de as rec­om­mend­able for events in the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and med­ical tech­nol­ogy indus­try. With the rec­om­men­da­tion by KodexGuide​.de event plan­ners, orga­niz­ers and buy­ers of the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and med­ical tech­nol­ogy indus­try receive an impor­tant help and pre­s­e­lec­tion in the search for suit­able loca­tions. KodexGuide​.de is an offer of Deutscher Fachver­lag GmbH. It has no con­nec­tion with the asso­ci­a­tions “Frei­willige Selb­stkon­trolle für der Arzneimit­tel­wirtschaft e.V.” (“FSA”) and “Arzneimit­tel und Koop­er­a­tion in das Gesund­heitswirtschaft e.V.” (“AKG”).

Varta-​​Guide – Rec­om­men­da­tion (Estab­lished and inde­pen­dent restau­rant– and hotel guide for Ger­many)

For the fifth con­sec­u­tive year, the Atrium Hotel Mainz has received the Varta Tip, a dis­tinc­tion awarded exclu­sively to excep­tional hotels and restau­rants that dis­tin­guish them­selves above and beyond the norm in terms of ambi­ence, hos­pi­tal­ity or qual­ity cui­sine. Among the 20,000 tested hotels, only a select few receive this award.
“Owner-​​managed and privately-​​run hotel with feel-​​good ambiance and exem­plary hos­pi­tal­ity ser­vices. The per­sonal atmos­phere in all areas of the house, give the hotel a unique tone. The hotel rooms con­vince with design and com­fort.”

Der Grosse Restau­rant & Hotel Guide (Renowned also known as “Ber­tels­mann Guide”)

In the new “Der Grosse Restau­rant & Hotel Guide,” the Atrium Hotel once again received 4 stars and a crown, which means it is “wor­thy of dis­tinc­tion in its cat­e­gory.”
“The Atrium Con­fer­ence Cen­ter pro­vides fan­tas­tic con­di­tions for con­fer­ences and sem­i­nars. But it is the com­pre­hen­sive offer with its pri­vate atmos­phere, cos­mopoli­tan flair, atten­tive and cour­te­ous ser­vice, culi­nary enjoy­ment, as well as relax­ation and a cer­tain plus in hos­pi­tal­ity which makes the owner-​​managed hotel so per­fect.”

Top Con­fer­ence Hote­lier

In Novem­ber 2014, hotel owner Dr. Lothar Becker was awarded “Top Con­fer­ence Hote­lier 2014″ in the cat­e­gory “Best Ger­man Con­fer­ence Hotels”.

Selected Conference-​​Hotels “to feel good”

We are one of the top hotel rec­om­mended con­fer­ence hotels at “My Con­fer­ence Hotel 2018/​2019” and ranked 8th (out of more than 4,000 hotels).

To feel good”-Highlights:
 – Ascent to the Con­gress League: 2000 sqm of meet­ing area
 – Culi­nary: the 7th heaven for gourmets!
 – The rooms are lofty, noble inte­rior dreams
This is just a small sec­tion from the review of “selected meet­ing hotels to feel good”

Host of the Year 2012

In order to set apart out­stand­ing hosts, Rhineland-​​Palatinate Tourism Ltd. in Koblenz awards the prize “Host of the Year” to the Atrium Hotel Mainz (in coop­er­a­tion with the Rhineland– Palati­nate Min­istry of eco­nom­ics, cli­mate pro­tec­tion, energy, and regional plan­ning /​ the Cham­ber of Trade and Indus­try /​ the Ger­man Hotel and Cater­ing Asso­ci­a­tion /​ the Camp­site Entre­pre­neur Asso­ci­a­tion of Rhineland-​​Palatinate/​Saarland, and the Asso­ci­a­tion of Youth hos­tels in Rhineland-​​Palatinate/​Saarland).

Mark­ing “Acces­si­bil­ity cer­ti­fied”

We met the qual­ity cri­te­ria of the Ger­man Sem­i­nar for Tourism (DSFT) Berlin eV and received the cer­ti­fi­ca­tion “Acces­si­bil­ity cer­ti­fied”.
The cri­te­ria were partly met for the group of dis­abled per­son.
Detailed infor­ma­tion about our offer can be found at www​.reisen​-fuer​-alle​.de.
The mark­ing is a nation­wide uni­form sys­tem to enable “travel for all”.

BDVT– approved con­fer­ence hotel (pro­fes­sional insti­tu­tion for train­ers, con­sul­tants, and coaches)

Hotels with this cer­tifi­cate are rec­om­mended by train­ers, con­sul­tants, and coaches of the BDVT. They meet their spe­cific demands on qual­ity for an envi­ron­ment con­ducive for learn­ing in con­nec­tion with a customer-​​oriented ser­vice to a par­tic­u­larly high degree.

Gerol­steiner Restaurant-​​Leaderboard

The Gerol­steiner Restau­rant Leader­board annu­ally com­piles a rank­ing of all restau­rants that have been tested by one or more of the seven major national restau­rant guides. This is the only rank­ing that offers an overview of the entire top Ger­man gas­tron­omy. Also this year we are rep­re­sented again.

“Top Aus­bilder”

Our kitchen chef Chris­t­ian West­er­hof has been cho­sen as the “Top Aus­bilder 2017” . The “Top Aus­bilder” cer­ti­fi­ca­tion is awarded to out­stand­ing instruc­tors and their com­pa­nies, which is a cov­eted seal of qual­ity and stands for excel­lent train­ing qual­ity. The ini­tia­tive is intended to draw atten­tion to an exem­plary up-​​and-​​coming work and to secure the future of the pro­fes­sion. The prize is awarded together with the trade jour­nal KÜCHE and the VKD.

Mein Topho­tel — Con­fer­ence

Mein​topho​tel​.de is a prod­uct of Freizeit-​​Verlag Lands­berg GmbH, which has been pub­lish­ing the lead­ing hotel trade mag­a­zine Topho­tel since 1983. All listed hotels are audited by spe­cial­ist authors.”
Also in 2019/​2020 we are once again rep­re­sented as top hotel in the cat­e­gory “Con­fer­ence” and awarded.

Your Con­tact

Bild Direktionsassistent René Bischel Atrium Mainz

René Bis­chel

Director’s assis­tant /​ Direc­tor of sales

Your con­tact for man­age­ment issues, group inquiries, com­pany arrange­ments, trade fair book­ings